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The Winner!

Follow the winner of this year's CF Pseudo-Surf video competition as he meets up with the the Pacific Ocean and some gnarly pro surfers in San Diego.

Justin's winning entry

Epic Ride

Professional surfers are in for the ride of their lives when they volunteer for a nationwide tour teaching kids and adults with CF how to Hang 10.

Surf's Up!

The link between CF and surfing inspires a CF organization that combines professional watermen, surfboards, and families living with CF. Cowabunga, dude!

the "Stoked Files"

Get your stoke on in this sick collection of gnarly dudes dropping the s-bomb all over the place!


2010 Semifinalists

The Lucky Four: Four semifinalists vied for First Place and a trip to San Diego in the 2010 CF Surfing Event. See their entries and their Hang 10 style!

About the CFVoice Surfing Event


In 2010, CFvoice partnered with the Mauli Ola Foundation to create a kickin' online event:
A super fun, super pseudo-surfing video competition. The event challenged all adults with CF to videotape themselves pretending to surf on anything from a living room couch to a boardroom table. Yeah, yeah... silly, we know; but who doesn't love silly? The world is full of too much serious!

The creator of the video with the most bodacious style, as judged by a group of some of the world's best professional surfers, won a three-day trip to San Diego to tour the city's sites, and join the Mauli Ola Foundation for a Surf Experience Day on Mission Beach. There, the First Place entrant would learn from professional watermen* how to catch the perfect wave. We encouraged out-of-the-box thinking, quirky implementation and bad Hawaain shirts. And that's just what we got!

Mouli Ola Foundation

*What is a waterman? Watermen are those remarkable athletes who can read, navigate, and live off of the world's waters. Their tools are surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks and the like. They excel on the water, in the water, and because of the water. Can a waterman be a woman? sharks have fins?