• Joy Week 1

    Meet Joy. A 24-year-old who wasn’t diagnosed until she was 7.

  • Joy Week 2

    College or Bust.

  • Aimee Week 1

    Meet 24 year old Aimee.

  • Aimee Week 2

    Aimee introduces us to her husband who is a Marine.

  • Aimee Week 3

    Aimee talks about life on a military base.

  • Aimee Week 4

    Will Aimee and her husband have kids?

  • Carla Week 1

    Meet Carla, 22 and living on her own.

  • Carla Week 2

    Clever ways to manage meds and living away from home.

  • Carla Week 3

    Success despite a disappointing college experience.

  • Carla Week 4

    Carla’s exercise of choice — Ballroom dancing!

  • Peter Week 1

    Peter credits his mom's dedication for his success.

  • Peter Week 2

    Peter discusses taking responsibility for his health.

  • Peter Week 3

    Shell-shocked freshman at the Citadel tries to keep up with treatments.

  • Peter Week 4

    Peter rebounds, gains back 50 pounds, and prepares to graduate.

  • Kate Week 1

    Kate describes her parents' different reactions to her CF.

  • Kate Week 2

    Treatments, exercise, and the hesitation to transition.

  • Kate Week 3

    Kate reflects on challenges and triumphs in high school and college.

  • Kate Week 4

    The crazy life of a first-year school teacher.

  • Sarah Week 1

    Finally some answers – diagnosed with CF at 17.

  • Sarah Week 2

    Sarah figures out how to introduce friends and family to CF.

  • Sarah Week 3

    Sarah handles the pressures and challenges of college life.

  • Sarah Week 4

    The road ahead with the support of family and friends.