Summer H.



What's next:

College and transitioning to an adult hospital


Art, modern and tap dance, target shooting, and riding motorcycles with my father

Future Thoughts:

She may be living with CF, but that's not stopping Summer from planning for college, studying in Africa or Asia, and raising a family of her own.


  • Miranda H.

    From coaching to teaching, Miranda aspires to be a positive influence for other people’s lives.

  • Nikki P.

    Treatments and enzymes might take a little time, but she’s not going to let that stand in her way.

  • Mathew R.

    He’s got big dreams and now Mathew is working to make them come true.

  • Ollie & Bridget M.

    Brother and sister both living with CF appreciate sharing the experience with the other.

  • Anna H.

    Working with the homeless, Anna found a new perspective on living with CF.

  • Katie C.

    Katie sees no reason why CF should keep her from the wonderful, meaningful life she wants to lead.

  • Summer H.

    Living with CF is not stopping Summer from making big plans for her future.

  • Matt P.

    Matt isn’t going to let CF keep him of the basketball court.

  • Taylor M.

    As he heads off to college, Taylor knows he can’t take chances with his health if he wants to accomplish all his goals.

  • PJ K.

    When this track team captain isn’t running laps, he stays busy with family and fishing.

  • Allison R.

    It’s the people around you like family and teammates that matter most when living with CF.