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This Week's Podcast


  • Peachy

    Talking about Peachy the hamster, a stubborn parrot and typical 10-year-old brother.

  • True Friends

    True friends will look past CF even if you’re the new kid at school.

  • My CF Team

    Treatments can put a crimp in Kellie’s social style, but not enough to skip them.

  • Grandma Loves the Jonas Brothers!

    Even her grandma loves the Jonas Brothers as much as she does!

  • Joseph Week 1

    His twin sister doesn’t look at him differently because he has CF.

  • Joseph Week 2

    How his family supports Joseph’s “can-do” attitude.

  • The Cardinal Award

    The Cardinal Award for a passion of sports and hard work both on and off the field.

  • Helping the Cause

    Speaking at The Champion’s Dinner to raise funds for CF research.

  • Amanda, Madison & Mallory Week 1

    Amanda, Madison & Mallory are left at home alone with their brothers and sisters, while their 11-week old baby brother is rushed to the hospital.

  • Amanda, Madison & Mallory Week 2

    The girls didn't realize how tough it would be keeping the household running smoothly.

  • Amanda, Madison & Mallory Week 3

    The family focuses on getting to know Ben all over again after his six weeks in the hospital.

  • Amanda, Madison & Mallory Week 4

    The sisters realize they still have faith even in the toughest situations.

  • Julia Week 1

    Julia talks about how she gives the straight-up truth on CF.

  • Julia Week 2

    From her "pounder" to her pills, how Julia gets it all done.

  • Julia Week 3

    Big biceps, and an even bigger personality!

  • Julia Week 4

    Every little star is a ball of hope that holds a miracle.

  • Jennifer Week 1

    Dash, is one special horse that changed her life.

  • Jennifer Week 2

    Managing an 18-hour a week riding schedule is definitely like a job.

  • Jennifer Week 3

    A rodeo queen roundin' up dollars for CF!

  • Jennifer Week 4

    National Wrangler's Finals Rodeo here she comes!

  • George Week 1

    What it's like for George feeling different from other kids that don't have CF.

  • George Week 2

    Cement bowls and pigskin, George talks about his favorite sports.

  • George Week 3

    A house full of get well letters, how his school made him feel special.

  • George Week 4

    What do a pro-football coach, a masseuse, and a corn-eating contestant have in common?

  • Dan Week 1

    Wearing plaid and doing his meds, these are just a couple of the important things to Dan.

  • Dan Week 2

    Eating as much as he can and he still has a hard time gaining weight.

  • Dan Week 3

    Sound engineer or a star seeker?

  • Dan Week 4

    Rockin' the plaid and the drums to benefit CF research!

  • Tate Week 1

    Tate discusses his first priority in life.

  • Tate Week 2

    A strong person, an always keep your head up person.

  • Tate Week 4

    Gone fishing—with Gran-daddy!

  • Elizabeth Week 1

    Elizabeth feels it's a good idea to talk about CF to people her own age.

  • Elizabeth Week 2

    Sharing Elizabeth's thoughts on fighting that lonely with CF feeling.

  • Elizabeth Week 3

    Moving beyond the parental reminders now that it's time for the adult clinic.

  • Elizabeth Week 4

    Preparing for art school and for when her boyfriend goes active duty in the Army.

  • Gillian Week 1

    Just trying to be a normal busy teenager that happens to have CF.

  • Gillian Week 2

    Getting the guts to explain CF to people can be tough.

  • Gillian Week 3

    Even the youngest sibling can be supportive of CF treatments.

  • Gillian Week 4

    Turning sweet 16 and all the things that come with getting older with CF.

  • Melissa & Michael Week 1

    A brother and sister talk about their very different cases of CF.

  • Melissa & Michael Week 2

    What it means to have a sibling that has CF too.

  • Melissa & Michael Week 3

    How Melissa's lung transplant affected her and her brother.

  • Melissa & Michael Week 4

    Melissa and Michael set their sights on their future career plans.

  • Chaim Week 1

    Loving playing the trumpet and the fact it's good for his health.

  • Chaim Week 2

    Cystic fibrosis was not keeping him from reaching Carnegie Hall!

  • Chaim Week 3

    Dabbling in all things scientific especially engineering.

  • Chaim Week 4

    Conveniences and luxuries, are they really necessities?

  • Britnay Week 1

    Getting diagnosed late makes it tough getting used to having CF.

  • Britnay Week 2

    Grandpa's awareness of an old friend with CF saved Britnay's life.

  • Britnay Week 3

    Focusing on the positive to overcome body image issues associated with malnourishment.

  • Britnay Week 4

    A little boy named Harley sparked her dream for nursing school.

  • Jessie Week 1

    Being a teen can be tough on it's own, and adding CF can complicate things.

  • Jessie Week 2

    A creative writing assignment on diabetes leads to the search for a publisher.

  • Jessie Week 3

    The struggles to gain weight and feel confident about her body at the same time.

  • Jessie Week 4

    Diving in at Discovery Cove, dreams of a future in marine biology.

  • Lauren Week 1

    Lauren will talk about CF, but spare her your pity.

  • Lauren Week 2

    With a dad whom is a history major, and a mom with a love to travel, Lauren got the travel bug and a global perspective on community service.

  • Lauren Week 3

    Breaking the news to her boyfriend that she has CF, but she's wants him to know she's still the same old Lauren.

  • Lauren Week 4

    College and the adult clinic are fast approaching and with so much to do Lauren has to work at balancing it all.

  • Sean Week 1

    Remembering treatments can be a chore, but Sean's just gotta keep on remembering everyday.

  • Sean Week 2

    Big dreams to become a brain surgeon, requires big amounts of dedication.

  • Sean Week 3

    To get the Governor's award for fitness Sean had to kick up the hard work a notch.

  • Sean Week 4

    Having your grandpa as the head karate coach can only strengthen your dedication.