• Chomper

    Game Objective: Use the mouse to steer Chomper the Fish, finding him tasty red worms to eat while avoiding green ones.

  • Pig on the Rocket

    Game Objective: Steer to collect rocket fuel and food for your rocket-riding piggy.

  • Flappy

    Game Objective: Quickly clicking your mouse button, help Flappy pop all the balloons without bumping into any of those angry, blue birds.

  • Slidermania

    Game Objective: Use the mouse to slide the tiles. You have 3 minutes to slide the mixed-up tiles into place to form a picture.

  • Monster Munch

    Game Objective: Use the arrow keys to move Snowy back and forth to catch falling snowflakes, while avoiding snowballs and icicles.

  • Ultimate Mega Hoops

    Game Objective: Use the mouse to control where and when you shoot the basketball toward the moving hoop.

  • Extreme Racing 2

    Game Objective: Use the arrow keys to steer as you try to avoid crashing in a 90-second, high-speed chase.

  • Hungry Bob

    Game Objective: Click on the character to make him jump up and catch all the right foods. Hold down the mouse for higher jumps.

  • Cheese Hunt

    Game Objective: Use arrow keys and space bar to direct the mouse to his beloved cheese, while avoiding spiked traps.

  • Boo

    Game Objective: A fun twist to the classic Simon game. Try to click on each scary monster in the right order.

  • Sequencer

    Game Objective: Classic game in which you try to repeat longer and longer sequences of colored lights.

  • Tic Tac Toe 2

    Game Objective: Try to get three X's or O's in a row to win. Use the mouse to play.