The Team Bio's

Welcome to Go>To! Our intrepid crew travels the country, uncovering CF-related events that tell the stories of your life. Be fascinated. Be inspired. Be amused. And, by all means, be here!

The Graduation

Thursday May 15, 2008

Going to college was once a dream that people with CF could only watch others pursue. Those days are gone! Today, almost half of those living with cystic fibrosis are 18 or older, and many are pursuing a college degree. Some, like Amy, are even earning their master's. Become a USC Trojan for the day when Amy reaches her lifelong dream in sunny L.A.

CFRI's Family Education Conference

July 31-August 2, 2009

The CFvoice Go>To team hits the West Coast next to give you a peek at the 22nd National Cystic Fibrosis Family Education Conference. Families living with CF, as well as health care providers and educators, will gather in Redwood City, California, this summer to exchange information, coping skills and hope under one idea: The Power of New Possibilities. We'll bring you the stories of optimism and support from this annual Bay-area conference!


Leading the CFvoice Go>To team is Director Bonnie Southcott, leaving no question unanswered in her quest to deliver compelling CF stories, hope, and insight to the cystic fibrosis community. In three words: Eccentric, knowledgeable and a fun-a-holic.

Keeping the car on the road, Ellen Harwick runs the show from behind her clipboard. This Production Manager extraordinaire juggles the location, the people and the crew in a way that would impress P.T. Barnum. In three words: Reliable, efficient and caffeine-driven.

Behind the camera lives Joel Bergsma, the affable Camera Operator and Editor who captures the people and places we visit on the Go>To series. In the editing room, Joel transforms the magic of the stories we tape into the videos you see. In three words: Curious, meticulous and addicted to technology.