• Rose – Week 1

    Meet Rose, one of our singers from Breathe.

  • Ken – Week 1

    Meet Ken, 27, and as active as ever.

  • Ken – Week 2

    From hating track to being captain.

  • Ken – Week 3

    Tackles life long goal of becoming an EMT.

  • Ken – Week 4

    Ken finds himself in the lime light.

  • Meranda – Week 1

    Meet 27 year old Meranda.

  • Meranda – Week 2

    Her number one cheerleader, Michael, a constant support.

  • Meranda – Week 3

    Keeping her mind set on a bachelor’s degree.

  • Meranda – Week 4

    Transitioning to adulthood and advice for new parents.

  • My Guardian Angel

    Listen to Tonya as she talks about living life with Cystic Fibrosis

  • Baby Love

    Listen to Tonya as she talks about living life with Cystic Fibrosis

  • No Time To Think

    Listen to Tonya as she talks about living life with Cystic Fibrosis

  • Graduation Goal

    Listen to Tonya as she talks about living life with Cystic Fibrosis

  • Jereme – Week 1

    I'm givin' it all I've got in school Captain!

  • Jereme – Week 2

    Keeping his patriotic spirit, but instead of serving on the field, he'll serve in the classroom.

  • Jereme – Week 3

    Since people are living longer, you have to think about things like, balding, retiring and other things you may have never considered.

  • Jereme – Week 4

    Jereme and his fiancι' both know what it's like to be cared for, or how tough it can be to get medications and procedures paid for.

  • Julie – Week 1

    Wellness coaching people who have a chronic disease is an integral part of the mission of Julie's non-profit organization.

  • Julie – Week 2

    A self-proclaimed fitness junkie, Julie talks about how she helped other CF patients train virtually.

  • Julie – Week 3

    Being on an advisory board about transition issues is something Julie has a unique perspective on being a physician herself, and a CF patient.

  • Julie – Week 4

    The hardest part for Julie about raising kids when she has a life-shortening disease is that she really has just the now.

  • Roger & Mari – Week 1

    She was ready to be helo-flighted to another city for her first ever embolization that followed with two months of recovery.

  • Roger & Mari – Week 2

    Mari anxiously shared she has CF with Roger fearing he would leave her, but Roger wasn't gonna let CF get in their way!

  • Roger & Mari – Week 3

    She thought she was getting a charm bracelet, but Roger had something with a little more sparkle in mind for a gift!

  • Roger & Mari – Week 4

    Mari's pulmonologist gives her the okay to have children.

  • Beth Week 1

    Her parents told Beth early on that everyone has some obstacle in life to deal with.

  • Beth Week 2

    Beth offers some solid legal information on workplace issues and employment to people with CF who want to start a career.

  • Beth Week 3

    Beth details how her dedication to treatments have helped her become a lawyer and advocate for the CF community.

  • Beth Week 4

    Beth determines how to keep up on her healthcare regime once she had an infant.

  • Ana & Isa Week 1

    Growing up in a generation when CF summer camps were encouraged proved to be a life-nurturing experience.

  • Ana & Isa Week 2

    Ana and Isa discuss how they are the same genetically, yet their diseases manifested so differently.

  • Ana & Isa Week 3

    The twins relive each rejection and how it is a miracle to be end-stage and then come back and have a transplant because someone else said yes to organ donation.

  • Ana & Isa Week 4

    Details on the chronicle of their lives, a published book called, “The Power of Two: A Twin Triumph over Cystic Fibrosis.”

  • Kevin Week 1

    Kevin talks about how his parent's support helped him push through high school.

  • Kevin Week 2

    Kevin talks about how weight has always been a struggle for him and how his care team is scrambling for ways to help him gain weight.

  • Kevin Week 3

    Kevin began dating his EMT training partner and soon fell ill only to find her by his side for months of treatment.

  • Kevin Week 4

    Listen to Kevin describe his legal battle to protect his rights as a CF patient.

  • Jeff Week 1

    Jeff is thankful for all the advances in CF medicine and research that have helped him live so long!

  • Jeff Week 2

    Jeff's love of computers and PC Indie Car racing games landed him the opportunity to race Dale Earnhardt Jr.

  • Jeff Week 3

    Details about the fellowship grant program for people that wanted to be involved in research to help locate the CF gene.

  • Jeff Week 4

    Jeff serves as a resource at his clinic for other patients like himself suffering from long-term chronic Pancreatitis.

  • Stacy Week 1

    Although Stacy was diagnosed at age 2, her parents decided to keep her CF diagnosis a secret, until she mistakenly found out at the age of 14.

  • Stacy Week 2

    Stacy recounts the rumors that started to spread in high school after word got out she had a disease.

  • Stacy Week 3

    After a move to L.A. Stacy's nurses at her new clinic urged her to consider the transplant list.

  • Stacy Week 4

    Hours after being released from the hospital, Stacy met the man that would eventually become her husband.

  • Amy Week 1

    Amy takes the fundraising bull by the horns having just raised $10,000 for the CFF.

  • Amy Week 2

    At age 15, Amy's doctor said, time for you to take charge of your own health, and from that day forward, Amy has.

  • Amy Week 3

    As a result of frequent exams to monitor her CF, Amy discovered that being a pharmaceutical sales rep would be a good fit!

  • Amy Week 4

    As an adult looking to settle down, Amy realizes dating someone with CF isn't for the weak.

  • Josh Week 1

    After Josh's sister died, he struggled with the missed chance to say goodbye and how to live up to her standards.

  • Josh Week 2

    Josh jokes with his wife everyday about his receding hairline, one of the things he never thought he would live to see.

  • Josh Week 3

    Josh and his wife met at his house party and they discovered an immediate kinship that led to their marriage.

  • Josh Week 4

    As a karaoke dj, Josh found singing to be such a stress buster, and overall aid to his health.

  • Jerry Week 1

    After failing miserably at many sports, Jerry figured he would try cross-country.

  • Jerry Week 2

    With a golden opportunity presented to him, Jerry had to make some difficult choices.

  • Jerry Week 3

    Jerry believes CF requires him to become stronger and his life-long commitment to exercise will help him prepare for, or avoid a lung transplant.

  • Jerry Week 4

    Jerry always jokes that he has 17 kids, 12 boys and 5 girls, and of course they are all kids he coaches in pole-vaulting!

  • Mark Week 1

    One of Mark's first memories of CF is picturing looking over at his brother wearing the bluish-green mask with green ear straps at the breakfast table.

  • Mark Week 2

    Feeling lucky is not something Mark felt often with CF, but as his brother's health worsened, Mark felt lucky his didn't.

  • Mark Week 3

    Even the colors looked different after walking out of the hospital on the day Mark would have to start living a new life without his brother.

  • Mark Week 4

    At 5:15 a.m. every day Mark's in the basement doing his vest, his meds, and his elliptical trainer while watching his favorite TV show.